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以上片段直供回忆,不能参考! 为什么呢? 因为大马皇家警察已经换了新反贪污政策。如果任何一名警员举报犯罪者涉及贪污,他们将会得到100元马币的奖励。 所以如果你像片段里的仁兄只给50块‘喝茶’。那你将会成为新政策的‘受害者’。警察叔叔可是很厉害会算术的。

当然如果你不想收到‘三万’(SAMAM), 那你只有两个方法:

1. 安全驾驶, 不要让警方发现你的违规行为。

2. 贿赂100块以上。(猫肯定会吃腥的,除非你的鱼太小)。

*** 别忘了把这消息传遍身边的朋友。


A cash reward of up to RM100 and a letter of commendation
will be given to police personnel who arrest anyone who attempts to
bribe them.

Acting Inspector-General of Police Datuk Musa Hassan said the reward
would be for Traffic, Criminal investigations Department and Narcotics
Department police personnel. He added that the reward was to spur
policemen to uphold the integrity of the force. "The reward offer is
also to let our men know that we appreciate them for their honesty and
loyalty. "We also hope to inculcate in our men that accepting bribes is
a very serious offence and does not pay," he added. In Kuantan, Pahang
police chief Datuk Ramli Yusuff said the cash reward would be double the
bribe offered and up to a maximum of RM100. Ramli told Bernama that the
reward would be paid after the person who offered the bribe had been
charged and the case concluded in the courts.

"I will personally hand over the reward to the police personnel
concerned," he said, adding that the incentive would be paid from
the Pahang Police Fund.
Earlier, at the monthly parade held at state police headquarters, Ramli
said L/Kpl Bakri Pandak Ahmad of the Kuantan traffic police was rewarded
with RM100 last month for arresting a man who had offered him a RM50

** 如果你早就知道这事件,别怪我outdate(和时代脱节)! 我只是不想任何人错过这件新闻,而成为落网之鱼。


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Thanks for this info ! this is useful !

Birdegg said...

thanks for dropping by.
So, don forget to keep more than hundred inside your wallet, otherwise you are no chance to bribe the 'sui yao' haha :D

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