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手工木制帆船模型代售 - VN - 001

越南进口 ! 纯手工制造!

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做工精细 !全出口美国及欧洲。。。

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产品型号 :VN-001

产品尺寸 : L700 x W160 X H630mm

材料       : 木头, 帆布

价格       :RM198.00 (邮费自负, 从吉隆坡发货)


以上产品是代朋友出售, 由于友人在越南公干是认识了当地的模型厂老板。

所以拿到的货都是物有所值。 所谓:不怕货比货, 只怕不识货。






Anonymous said...

I like Yatch, but 198 is too expensive. Do you have anything lower than RM100 ?

Birdegg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Birdegg said...

hi benghan,
thanks for your great interested.
So far i only have 2 model.
this is the cheapest 1.

if i have the price that you expected, i will contact you.

For your information,
Due to product size is Big and nice finish.
i think is difficult to get price lower than rm100

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